Priority Wedding Service 795€

Thank you for choosing our Priority Wedding Service. Before filling in the below payment form, please familierise your self with our Apostille Service as well.


Apostille Legalisation Service


Your marriage in Denmark will be legal and recognised worldwide. However, if you would like to use your marriage certificate for administration in foreign offices, this usually requires that the document is legalised for such use. Not all places require this but we advise you check with the office you intend to use it at first, to know for sure.

To find out more about the Appostille Convention, read more about it on Wikipedia

We can legalise your document with our Apostille Service. Depending on which town hall you marry and the day of the week, this can take from a couple of days to approximately 1 week.

What’s included in the Apostille legalisation service?

–  Legal administration fees
–  Worldwide tracked express UPS service
–  Currier bicycle service (Copenhagen only)
–  Danish VAT of 25%

How many certificates will I get legalised?

You will usually be given 2 wedding certificates straight after your ceremony at the town hall, our fee is for the legalisation of one certificate. It is €40 for each extra certificate to be legalised and this fee simply covers the added administration charges that occur.

How does it look?

The apostille legalisation is printed on the back of the wedding certificate and is then signed by the authority. Its stated in English & Danish and you can see an example below:



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Priority Wedding Service 795 €

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Priority Wedding Service + Apostille Service 1045 €

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Please select the amount of wedding certificates you want legalised, there is one legalisation included in the Apostille Service. Each additional legalisation is 40€ each.

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*Please select your wedding consultant, but also mention to her in a email that you have chosen the Apostille Service:

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